Square Containers
I prefer growing in square containers indoors. Unlike round circular containers, square containers maximize the amount of space you can use indoors. I also like the uniformity of the square containers, they fit nicely on trays and next to each other lined up.
• propagation square pot - Smallest Size• purposes: Cloning, seed starting (uncommon)I use these containers often for freshly rooted clones. If the clones have weak roots (sometimes none at all) then I prefer to transplant them into the smallest container available, usually this.I figure that unless I am confident the cutting will root into the soil I might as well use as little soil as possible in case it doesn’t work out. Also, having too much extra wet soil can make it harder to establish roots. I will sometimes use these for seed starting also, but I’d prefer to use a deeper con-tainer so the taproot can grow further down into soil. 2.5 inch 3.5 inch 3.5 inch 3.5 inch 400mlVolumeApproximately
• propagation square pot - above average Size• seed starting & cloningThese containers are the largest available for seed-ling propagation. Eight of these will fit on a stan-dard sized propagation tray. These containers are the perfect size to start a new plant from seed because there is room for the seed’s taproot to grown downward, and there is enough space for the amount of soil required to keep your plant happy and fed when it’s starting out. 10.5mm 15.2cm (6 inches) 13.5 cm 13.5 cm 1/2 Gallon(2000ml)VolumeApproximately
• tall propagation container - the large solo cup• seed starting & pheno hunting & plant sexingAn uncommon size for a container and might be difficult to find. These containers are great for growing plants within a confined space.If you’re trying to select for a male or a female these containers free up space to fit more plants in your tent. The containers are deep which gives just enough room for soil for your plant to grow into. Great for seed starting too, plenty of room for the taproot to grow deep! 3.5 inch 8 inches 4.75 inch 4.75 inch 0.6 Gallon(2250ml)VolumeApproximately
• Square 1.7 Gallon container• transplanting phaseI use this size container less than others, but sometimes it’s perfect. I will sometimes transplant from the 400ml starting pot to this pot to give the plant more room.I don’t like the shape of this container as much as the next size up because ther are less ridges. 5.5 inch 9.5 inches 7.5 inch 7.5 inch 1.72 Gallon(6.5 )VolumeApproximately
• Square 3 Gallon container• purposes: seedlings, transplanting, floweringThis is my favourite container, I just really like the size and shape and design. If you want to spoil your plants start your seeds in this!You can fit 9 of these (3 x 3 grid) comfortably in a 4 foot x 4 foot tent. There are trays that go with these containers to catch the overflow as well. For some growers, this is the largest container they will ever need to use in an indoor grow. 6.5 inch 11 inch 9.6 inch 9.6 inch 3.1 Gallon(12 Liters)VolumeApproximately
• Square 4.75 Gallon container• purposes: floweringThe big giant square container. This is a great size for flowering a plant in an indoor grow, the largersize gives you some extra room to add nutrients for the plant to feed on for weeks of growth. You also don’t have to water the plant as often. There is a tray available for this size container also to catch runoff water. 22 cm 30 cm 30 cm 30 cm 4.75 Gallon(18 Liters)VolumeApproximately
• Square 8 Gallon container• purposes: flowering, transplanting to outdoorsThe largest square container available for hydro-ponic growing, probably. This is for growing real bigplants. I use this container rarely, I don’t have a spill tray large enough for it. I wanted this for trans-planting a plant outdoors, because I wanted it to have a really large rootzone before moving into a raised garden bed to get even larger outdoors. 27 cm 37 cm 37 cm 37 cm 8 Gallon(30 Liters)VolumeApproximately